Active experiences jolt you to life


They’re crafted to super-charge you with awe and adrenalin by cramming in a full-day’s exploration of some of the Southern Lakes’ most special habitats. Taking place in locations easily accessible from your hotel by 4x4, they max the time you have to engage in activities, while soaking up your surroundings and each other.

  • 4x4 transfer to accessible, exceptional Southern Lake habitats

  • Perfectly suited for families and small groups 

  • Fully-hosted by a professional private guide 

  • Activities tailored to be exhilarating, yet achievable

  • Delicious lunches showcasing New Zealand’s finest cuisines, together with a selection of the finest regional wines, craft beers and fresh juices


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A packed day of Blue Pools Rafting and Hiking for an adventurous family looking to explore paths less traveled, 2020


This was a family with kids aged 9, 11 and 14 years who wanted to have some serious fun off the beaten track.

Our experience with children of a similar age is that they love swimming and the water, so we chose a journey of easy grade rafting combined with a flora-and-fauna hike, as a surefire winner.

The Makorora River and Blue Pools suggested themselves as perfect locations. The family were staying close by in Wanaka but, also, the river’s bouncy grade 2 classification means that its small rapids create a lot of splash without the same hazards found in rivers of a higher grade. Not only that, we’re the sole operators there for water activities, which gives the environment a real wilderness feel, despite its ready accessibility.


4x4 transfer to accessible, exceptional Southern Lake habitats


Helicopter transfer to lesser-known South Island areas


Exclusive helicopter safari of the remoter South Island areas


Exclusive helicopter safari into the South Island’s most untouched landscapes