Escape routes from ordinary life into a world of exhilarating
challenge and environmental immersion.

These are exclusive travel experiences for private clients seeking to connect intimately with each other and the natural environment. Perfect for individuals, couples, and families alike, they feature an itinerary of thrilling outdoor activities tailored entirely around your preferences to ensure you extract the maximum benefit

from each.

Wilderness rafting in the morning; snow-shoeing on an alpine ridge after lunch; dinner in the evening under a gazebo in the rainforest, prepared with the freshest of local delicacies.

From full day private helicopter charters to overnight camping under the stairs, each unique experience is

hosted by a Private Guide whose passion it is to help you leave behind the everyday and bring you fully to your senses.

Bespoke Adventures create unforgettable memories by engaging the pioneering spirit of the individual with

New Zealand’s spectacular landscapes.

What better place for self-discovery than in the exploration of nature’s boundaries?