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Inspirational motivation and reward for corporate groups of high achievers

Fly a group of delegates into the most awe-inspiring landscapes on earth. Engage them in tough-yet-achievable activities. Wrap them in rewarding comfort as they process their day. Watch their self-discovery flourish into personal and professional success.

Empowerment Adventures are tailor-made programmes of endorphin-releasing exercises that coax the personal best out of each participant, by engaging them viscerally with nature. 

Pack rafting on alpine rivers; biking in mountain valleys; glacier hiking with ice axe and crampons: our team finely calibrates the level of challenge for each selected activity in your itinerary, inviting yours to rise to it. 

  • For small corporate groups of 6 -18, or large ones of 20-50

  • Available as half day/ full day getaways, with an option for overnight glamping

  • Hosted from helicopter lift-off to touch down by a dedicated facilitator

  • Packed with a menu of activities and inspirational challenges tailored to be exhilarating, yet achievable

  • Gourmet meals showcasing New Zealand’s finest cuisines, together with a selection of the finest regional wines, craft beers and fresh juices


Whether your enquiry is direct or you’re an agent gathering info for clients, we’d love to hear from you. 


A finely-orchestrated adventure to enhance the brand profile of sportswear giants Eddie Bauer, 2018


Inspirational motivation and reward for corporate groups of high achievers.

High impact strategy and engagement for ambitious executive teams