Regulated access is crucial to preserve these environments. Through a combination of committed investment and a proven respect for the land, NewZeal® possesses more exclusive location permits than any other New Zealand operator and, for certain areas, is sole concessionaire.

Together with the stringent safety licensing we hold– plus accreditation for every activity imaginable, from pack rafting and rock climbing through to glacier walking– this means we’re often able to host experiences quite literally unavailable elsewhere. 

We regard these exclusive permissions as a huge privilege, both for us and for our clients. We’re guests of these lands and students of their teachings.


"I am a father, a husband, a son, brother, uncle, grandson and friend. These people are important to me, just as every person I am responsible for during NewZeal® experiences has people who are important to them back home. Life is precious, and this is what motivates me most when it comes to our approach to managing safety." - Paul Nicholson, Founder



Our Safety Management System has been developed by a Registered Safety Auditor, is regularly audited (by both AdventureMark 2017, and QualMark in 2018) and meets/exceeds A/NZS 4801 – the standard for health and safety management systems.

We hold ‘AdventureMark’, New Zealand’s leading outdoor safety audit certificate, and we are registered with Worksafe NZ as an Adventure Activities provider - as required under the HSE (Adventure Activities) Regulations 2011. Under AdventureMark we are approved to operate the following adventure activities: abseiling, rock climbing, glacier walking, pack rafting and Inflatable Kayaking.

We also hold a Maritime New Zealand Certificate of Compliance for commercial rafting SOP# R1298.


Where required, we hold resource consents with Queenstown Lakes District Council, Concessions with the Department of Conservation and Recreational Permits with Land Information New Zealand.  
Copies of these documents, as well as any safety information is available at any time.

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