Exploration experiences re-frame
your perspective


NewZeal® has secured access permissions unmatched on the South Island to define these as the pinnacle of immersive travel. Together, we explore remote wilderness areas of outstanding character by helicopter that permit only a few visitors a year. Challenge your spirit and your senses as never before.


  • Exclusive helicopter safari into the South Island’s most untouched landscapes.

  • Perfectly suited for families and small groups 

  • Fully-hosted by a professional private guide, from arrival to departure

  • Activities tailored to be exhilarating, yet achievable

  • Delicious lunches showcasing New Zealand’s finest cuisines, together with a selection of the finest regional wines, craft beers and fresh juices

  • Set up in advance by a specialist team, for your maximum comfort and enjoyment

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An extraordinary 3-day honeymoon in Fiordland and South Westland, for a Saudi Prince and Princess, 2020


This private itinerary was organised in collaboration with Neil Fox’s team at Based on a True Story, for a Saudi Prince and Princess to celebrate their marriage experiencing the very best of Fiordland and South Westland.

We planned this 3-day exploration of Fiordland, Mt Aspiring and South Westland with equal parts excitement and trepidation, conscious of our crucial role at the start of this young couple’s journey together. NewZeal® ‘s founder Paul personally led an itinerary of achievable adventure experiences to enable our guests to engage fully with these wilderness environments. This involved working closely with the Dept. of Conservation to secure one-off concessions that gave us the ability to undertake activities that had never been done before.


4x4 transfer to accessible, exceptional Southern Lake habitats


Helicopter transfer to lesser-known South Island areas


Exclusive helicopter safari of the remoter South Island areas


Exclusive helicopter safari into the South Island’s most untouched landscapes