Global Brand Fiat Chrysler introduce the world to their new model Jeep Wrangler, 2017

Fiat Chrysler and their agents asked us to host a stand-out event to launch the new model Jeep Wrangler and showcase its impressive capabilities against New Zealand’s stunning scenery. 

We took 2 waves of 20 international media professionals and FCA executives on a 3 day driving journey, traversing some of the South Island’s most beautiful locations, from the Ahuriri Valley through the Lindis, West Wanaka and Rees Valley.  

We chose this particular route as it wove together perfect terrain, scenery, and camping locations, while respecting the privacy of local land-owners.

We feel privileged at Newzeal to have been involved in this tremendously successful event, where strong friendships with the client and the extremely supportive local landowners were forged. We’re looking forward hugely to hosting the release of Jeep’s Gladiator model and to more adventures in this exceptionally scenic region.