‘New’ |noo, nyoo| [adjective]   - the new you (as a by-product of
1/ participating  in our inspirational experiences, and
2/ feeling/becoming empowered)

‘Zeal’ |ziːl| noun [mass noun] - great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective

Newzeal® creates transformational experiences in which the unrivalled landscapes of South Island play an integral role.


We believe wholeheartedly that engaging imaginatively with these breath-taking natural environments in ways that are challenging, yet soulful, encourages extraordinary personal development.


Private individuals seeking discovery of their inner and outer world. Corporate Executive Teams looking to bond, grow, and feel valued, all at the same time. Young people for whom a strong sense of accomplishment marks the beginning of a meaningful future.


Our experiences take individuals through pristine wilderness environments inviting them on a journey
of discovery, adventure and empowerment, concluding in an increased sense of NewZeal®.


Immerse yourself in one of the world’s most magical environments

The South Island of New Zealand commands complete presence and attention. Our experiences grow out of it organically, bringing into focus the things that truly matter.


Participate in
game-changing experiences. 

From reflective through to exhilarating, our challenges are demanding, yet within reach. The process of completing them acts as a wake-up call to motivation. 


Lock down goals to discover your true potential.  


Immersive experiences encourage new perspectives. We create opportunities for insight and self-awareness; the individual answers that call to action.


Depart with enthusiasm to live your best life.

Personal objectives distilled and strategies clarified, every individual leaves enthused with confidence. Inspired, they are ready to effect real change.