Escape routes from ordinary life into a world of exhilarating
challenge and environmental immersion.

Follow a trail from the heights of your helicopter, across the tops of glaciers, down through rain forest valleys, and into the remote wilderness rivers of the Southern Lakes’ region, whose crystal waters you’ll feel running through your fingertips.


Heli Rafting offers a variety of experiences: there are family adventures, where kids love to splash and push Mum and Dad out of the raft; romantic trips for couples, where your Private Guide will do the paddling as you lay back with champagne and exquisite snacks; or, for thrill-seekers, the rush of exhilarating white water rapids.


Around a small camp fire, settle down to a gourmet picnic lunch, completed by a selection of Central Otago red and white wines and New Zealand craft beer, absorbing the sights and sounds of unspoiled nature.


This is a unique adventure that bonds people together through the shared experience of total immersion in an extraordinary environment. You’ll be left with a deep sense of connection to each other and to the natural world.