snow shoeing2
snow shoeing


Escape routes from ordinary life into a world of exhilarating
challenge and environmental immersion.

From the helicopter window, your lasting impression of the winter wonderland below will be of an extraordinary white blanket. Underneath, lie the spectacular mountains of the Southern Lakes where crisp temperatures will expand your lungs and pure snow crunch underfoot.


Heli Snow shoeing makes it possible for you to explore the ridge lines and gentle valleys of these snow-covered vistas wearing specialist boots, snow shoes and poles. Choose your level of physical challenge, learning how to navigate the mountains safely from your experienced Private Guide.


Rest mid-day to enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch complemented with a selection of Central Otago red and white wine and New Zealand Craft beer as you reflect on your achievements and prepare for an afternoon of more adventure.


Hiking through terrains not normally accessible is a particular thrill. At the end of the day, you’ll be buzzing with released endorphins, mind and body invigorated.