Mt Roy

Our founder, Paul, has spent 20+ years unearthing the secret-most corners of South Island’s pristine wilderness. 


He leads our team in inviting you on a journey of self-discovery that reflects and respects this extraordinary environment. Every itinerary plugs you into these contrasting landscapes. Sometimes this will rattle your bones, others still your soul. 


In every case, we give 100% to ensure your experience leaves you feeling inspired and refreshed, with a NewZeal® for life.


Immerse yourself in one of the world’s most magical environments.

The South Island commands complete presence and attention. Your experience grows out of it organically, bringing into focus the things that truly matter.


Awaken your appetite for challenge by engaging with the forces of nature.

From reflective through to exhilarating, each activity stimulates the senses differently. The process of throwing yourself into them is uniquely vivifying.


Accomplish exciting goals to explore your full potential.

Our immersive experiences encourage new perspectives. Each acts as a gateway to enriched insight and self-awareness.


Re-launch into life with new enthusiasm and confidence.

Your time with us leaves a lasting legacy. Take the extraordinary back into your every day, batteries super-charged.



NewZeal® adventures take place in 8 main areas of the South Island, each with its own distinct character suitable for a particular range of activities.

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1. Kahurangi National Park

Located in the Northwest corner of New Zealand’s South Island, Kahunrangi is New Zealand’s second largest National Park. Its diverse topography, from coastal beaches through to alpine and snow landscapes, calls for immersive itineraries that allow our guests to soak up every drop of exceptional beauty. Hiking, biking and alpine trekking are activities that prompt a deep connection with this region.

4. Christchurch and Banks Peninsula

As the largest city of the region, vibrant Christchurch is a playground for curious culture enthusiasts. For those seeking hidden gems, the Peninsula gently simmers with secluded bays, sleepy villages, excellent coffee shops and privately-accessed beaches. This region is perfect for 4WD, abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking, day hiking and Wilderness helicopter excursions to Mount Cook. Christchurch is also an ideal staging point for Experiential Events [hyperlink] towards Southern lakes and Queenstown.

7. Wanaka and Mt Aspiring

Wanaka is our home, and we love it. Quieter than Queenstown, she makes up for this with the sheer beauty of her glacier-covered mountains, deep blue lakes, fast-flowing rivers and wide open spaces. Bordered by a national park and blessed with a gorgeous climate, the variety of experiences available is huge and the views spectacular. Our guests enjoy heli-accessed activities, rafting, kayaking, SUP, hiking, trekking, fishing, hunting, 4WD, and multi-day/multisport expeditions.

10. Stewart Island

2. Inland and Seaward Kaikouras

These twin mountain ranges sit like gentle giants caretaking the remote regions below. The countryside is dry and almost desert-like, with scenery punctuated by picturesque rivers in the valleys. Our experiences through these landscapes include rafting, biking, hiking and multi-day 4WD transfers with camping.

5. Mt Cook and Franz Josef Glacier

These are popular destinations and deservedly so. Home to New Zealand’s highest mountains including Aoraki/Mount Cook and Australasia’s largest glacial expanses, our guests are bowled over by the views and ancient natural landscapes. Favourite experiences here include, hiking, alpine trekking, camping, heli accessed glacier encounters, ice climbing, ski touring and private charter heli skiing.

8. Queenstown

Queenstown’s popularity reflects the breadth of its offering. Guests are invited to tune in to exciting night life as much as to tune out in remote wilderness environments. Whatever the experience, our local knowledge and resources take you off the tourist track to explore the region from fresh angles. The wide range of activities here reflect the area’s diversity and include remote heli-accessed activities such as SUP, glacier encounters, hikes, expeditions, wilderness rafting, biking and 4WD, as well as wine tasting and general exploring.

3. Ashburton Lakes and Canterbury

Well off the beaten track, this is quintessential New Zealand high country, with rivers, lakes, snow-crested mountains and wide open space. The location of the Lord of The Rings movie trilogy’s most majestic vistas, it’s also where discerning local Kiwis escape for their holiday breaks. We raft, kayak, rock climb, abseil, hike, trek, hunt, fish, ski and take 4WDs through these regions.

6. Waitaki Lakes and North Otago

Infrequently visited, thanks to its remoteness, this incredibly beautiful region offers guests rare access to unspoilt nature. Its energetic rivers, gentle lakes, alpine plateaus and windswept tussock basins provide unique opportunities. This is where we love taking part in rafting, pack rafting, heli-accessed stand up paddle boarding on alpine lakes, mountain biking, hiking, hunting, fishing and 4WD excursions.

9. Milford, Te Anau and Fiordland