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Ultimate Bucket-list Experiences That Blend
Your Soul With The South Island Wilderness

Welcome to NewZeal

We’re a bunch of humble but passionate natives of the New Zealand South Island’s exceptional landscapes.

Hand-on-heart, we don’t think anyone knows and loves these lands like us. Our exclusive adventures flow directly from their force and beauty, bringing about extraordinary personal transformation in all who take part. 


We craft game-changing and authentic private travel experiences for families and small groups. Years of engaging with these lands have shown us the power they have to create lasting transformation. Our itineraries are meticulously tailored to match the unique preferences of each individual we accompany on these transformative journeys.

Private Adventures: Exploration & Inspiration

Walk the glaciers of Mt Aspiring yourself. Explore Fiordland National Park by kayak or paddle board.
Enjoy breakfast on the edge of the Matukituki River in the Southern Lakes.


Whatever the adventure, NewZeal® will take you there.


Authentic private travel for families and small groups of individuals in these regions is our forte. Years of engaging with these lands have shown us the power they have to create lasting transformation. The itineraries we build are as bespoke as each individual we take on them.

What We Do: Our Activities

A campfire on the south coast of new zealand, under a bright milkyway skyscape

Connecting in the South Island Wilderness

Immerse yourself in one of the world's most magical environments.

The South Island facilitates the most extraordinary immersive experiences. The contrasting landscapes will at times rattle your bones and others still your soul.


It commands complete presence and attention. Your experience grows out of it organically, bringing into focus the things that truly matter.

Let's Talk.

Talk to one of our skilled practitioners about your individual or group adventure preferences.

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