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What We Stand For

Welcome to NewZeal. We're a bunch of humble but passionate natives of South Island's exceptional landscapes.

Our Environment

Our impact on the environment is an important consideration for us, and regulated access is crucial to preserve these environments. Through a combination of committed investment and a proven respect for the land, NewZeal possesses more exclusive location permits than any other New Zealand operator and, for certain areas, is sole concessionaire.

Alongside the stringent safety licensing, we hold a valid accreditation for nearly every activity imaginable - from pack rafting and rock climbing, through to glacier walking. We are able to host experiences quite literally unavailable anywhere else.

We regard these exclusive permissions as a huge privilege, both for us and for our clients. We're guests of these lands and students of their teachings.

NewZeal definition:

'NEW' [adjective] - the new you, a by-product of 1. participating in our inspirational experience, 2. feeling empowered, as a result.

'ZEAL' [noun] - great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.

NewZeal founder, Paul Nicholson, has spent 25+ years unearthing the secret-most corner of the South Island's pristine wilderness.

Paul's inspirational energy shines through every NewZeal experience. He leads our team in inviting you on a journey of self-discovery that reflects and respects this extraordinary environment.


Paul's happy place? Supporting every individual to strive for their personal and professional best, a theme echoed throughout his action-packed career. When he's not packing in action at NewZeal, Paul harnesses his Adventure Philosophy to captivate large audiences with keynote speeches, inspire teams on immersive workshops, and motivate young people to manifest their best selves. Check out Paul's website.


Every itinerary plugs you into these contrasting landscape. Sometimes this will rattle your bones, others will still your soul. In every case, we give 100% to ensure your experience leaves you feeling inspired and refreshed,
with a NewZeal for life.


Immerse yourself in one of the world's most magical environments.

The South Island commands complete presence and attention. Your experience grows out of it organically, bringing into focus the things that truly matter.


Awaken your appetite for challenge by engaging with the forces of nature.

From reflective through to exhilarating, each activity stimulates the senses differently. The process of throwing yourself into them is uniquely vivifying.


Accomplish exciting goals to explore your full potential.

Our immersive experiences encourage new perspectives. Each acts as a gateway to enriched insight and self-awareness.


Re-launch into life with new enthusiasm and confidence.

Your time with us leaves a lasting legacy. Take the extraordinary back into your every day, batteries super-good.


NewZeal Teams is our corporate adventure brand, which uses a similar empowerment journey through adventure philosophy. Teams offers leadership development services for businesses wanting to help their team become more mindful as individuals, grounded as humans and connected as a group. Teams is also home to our Corporate Incentive Offerings.

Find out more about NewZeal Teams, and how we can help your business.

Our Team

Our team

Paul Nicholson

Paul is a roll-your-sleeves-up-and-get-involved kind of guy.


He's in his element when helping people to scale towering mountains, while empowering them to overcome the obstacles of their minds.


Daniel Cullen has had a love of the great outdoors since his childhood adventures on the family farm in Southland, New Zealand. He is passionate about experiential and adventure education and leadership, and focused on helping others gain the greatest possible benefits from time spent in nature.

Dan Cullen

Michael Kempt has ventured enthusiastically into New Zealand’s great outdoors for over 20 years. He loves inspiring others to explore all that the pristine backcountry has to offer and to challenge themselves in the process.


Joel has been actively contributing to the personal development industry for over 12 years and has facilitated leadership, team, and personal development programmes to tens of thousands of participants in New Zealand, Australia, and Italy.


Mike Kempt

Joel Bouzaid


Pete Simpson 

Pete is a Scotsman who's lived in Wanaka for 16 years. He first came to New Zealand in 1994 to kayak and enjoy New Zealand wilderness. After 10 years of working internationally as a professional kayaker, paddling remote and often unchartered class 5 white water, he chose to return to New Zealand and raise a family. 


Laura Cockroft

Laura works very closely with the team and all of our clients, from the start of a relationship, right the way through the experience and follow-up, ensuring everything runs smoothly... and she does an awesome job of it!

Laura Cockroft

Amity Raymen-Barker

Amity is an adventure enthusiast and self-professed tourism industry nerd. She spent many years working as a tourism industry marketer and graphic designer in the UK's Lake District. She also ran her own touring company; taking people hiking and sightseeing all over the UK and France.


Toby & Ferg

NewZeal's most dynamic (and certainly most popular) members- Toby is our Team Smile Facilitator and longest serving team member. Ferg is a newer addition to the team and joins us as a highly experienced Enthusiasm Manager.

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