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Empowerment & Motivation

NewZeal® specialises in bringing out the best in teams of professionals, via immersion in the landscapes of the Southern Lakes, Fiordland region, and Mt Aspiring.


Company success is built on the confidence and clarity of individuals. Nowhere incubates such qualities more powerfully than these stunning natural environments, and our facilitators draw on a deep well of experience to nurture the process.


Programmes interweave motivational challenges, adrenalin-fueled adventure and a shared communion with breathtaking surroundings. Each offers co-workers the opportunity to galvanise their purpose and to bond with each other.


Corporate Itineraries are highly customizable according to group size and objective. Take a look at our Empowerment Adventures and Premium Retreats below to see which solution sounds best suited your needs.


Then learn more on the philosophy at the heart of all NewZeal® experiences and discover what makes them special


Inspirational motivation and reward for corporate groups of high achievers.

High impact strategy and engagement for ambitious executive teams