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Director / Facilitator / Guide

Paul’s a roll-your-sleeves-up-get-involved kind of guy.

His journey began over 20 years ago, in the 1990s, at Methven Lodge. Here, Paul laid the foundations for his own brand of adrenalin-fueled self-development, sending his backpackers on their way with more than the usual stones upturned. 

Out of this grew Rock + Ice Adventures, which sealed Paul’s reputation as the maestro of intense immersions in the natural world.

The fruits of this passion became the hugely successful Full On, founded in 2002, a hub of Personal Empowerment Programmes dedicated to unearthing the true potential of the individual, operating at sites all around the world.

Since then, Paul has made breakthroughs with hundreds of thousands of students and teachers, utilising the principles of positive psychology to strengthen mental resilience and attitudinal competencies.

He’s forged a presence with corporate teams seeking impactful, imaginative courses and with individuals and their families for whom real adventure is about full-hearted participation.

In addition to his vast experience, Paul’s a qualified ski instructor and heli ski touring guide; a rafting and bush craft guide; and a rock-climbing instructor. To this he adds over 12 years of extensive training and certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Above all, Paul is a partner to his wife and team-mate, Kattis, and a father to two curious children, who often teach him more than all the other stuff put together. For Paul, the challenges and rewards of adventure provide peerless metaphors for life, which every individual deserves to give their best shot.

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