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Glamping & Adventure- Comfort In The Wilderness

A glamping tent in the New Zealand wilderness at night. Bright light comes from the inside of a mess tent while people sit around a fire outside

What is glamping exactly? And, why is it perfect for luxury travellers looking for a spot of adventure? We believe that this innovative blend of glamour and camping is redefining the way we experience the great outdoors, offering an unparalleled level of comfort and connection with nature that luxury travellers seeking unique, immersive, and luxurious experiences are looking for.

What Is Glamping?

Glamping, short for "glamorous camping," represents a fusion of two seemingly contrasting worlds – the rustic charm of camping and the opulence of luxury accommodation. It's no surprise that glamping has gained tremendous popularity among travellers seeking adventure, and a sense of something beyond the traditional hotel experience.

At NewZeal we offer exceptional glamping options that tie in beautifully with our rafting and hiking experiences. Our River’s Edge Retreat hosts glampers on an exclusive use basis and includes a river rafting experience on the magnificent Hawea River, as well as a private chef and assistants to make our guests feel extra special.

What is so exciting about NewZeal’s glamping proposition, is that we can locate our luxury Nordic Tipi tents in wilderness spots too. This means that a remote raft down a pristine New Zealand river can become an overnight adventure with a difference!

A large group glampingin New Zealand. Inside a large tent is ready for a buffet lunch. There is a fire brasier in the tent and a group of people assembled outside

Why Is Glamping Perfect For Luxury Adventure Travellers?

  1. Unparalleled Natural Beauty: Glamping destinations are often nestled in pristine natural settings, allowing guests to wake up to breath-taking vistas and fall asleep under starry skies. Glamping offers an escape from the everyday an an opportunity to get amongst nature. Glamping allows guests to fully immerse themselves in nature without sacrificing comfort, offering a chance to disconnect from the noise of city life and reconnect with the environment around them.

  2. Unique Accommodations: From lavish safari tents to treehouses, geodesic domes to airstream trailers, glamping accommodations are as diverse as they are Instagram-worthy. Each stay is a unique experience in its own right, providing an element of novelty that hotel rooms just can't match. NewZeal’s glamping tipis allow versatile adventure travel to couple seamlessly with pristine comfort. They are easy to re-locate and can be assembled in beautiful wilderness spots, along a guests wilderness journey. So, every night is a full yet comfortable immersion in nature.

  3. Luxurious Amenities: Glamping doesn't mean sacrificing modern comforts. Unlike traditional camping, glamping sites offer plush bedding, en-suite bathrooms, hot showers, and even gourmet dining options. It's the perfect marriage of luxury and nature. NewZeal’s River’s Edge Retreat Glamping site offers exclusive use; private chef; kitchen; modern toilet and showers; hot water and fluffy towels!

  4. Connection with Nature: Unlike the cocooning effect of hotel rooms, glamping encourages a deeper connection with the natural world. Guests can engage in activities like hiking, river rafting, stargazing, and wildlife watching right on their doorstep. While hotel stays certainly have their merits, glamping offers a distinctive set of advantages that makes it an unique and attractive experience for luxury travellers looking for something a little bit different and off-the-beaten-track.

  5. Unique Experiences: Glamping offers luxury travellers the opportunity to stay in remarkable, one-of-a-kind places, away from other travellers, that are often deeply connected to their surroundings.

  6. Personalised Adventures: Glamping experiences are highly customisable, making them suitable for a wide range of travellers, from adventurers seeking adrenaline-pumping activities to those looking for relaxation and tranquillity, and everything in-between.

Wilderness glamping in New Zealand. Six tipi tents sit in a field with mountains behind and a helicopter passing overhead.

As luxury travellers increasingly seek unique and immersive experiences that connect them with nature, glamping has emerged as a new option for luxury travellers. With its blend of comfort and outdoor adventure, it's no wonder that glamping is redefining how we think about accommodation in the luxury space. It is the perfect choice for travellers that want to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.


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