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Empowerment, Motivation & Reward

NewZeal® specialises in motivating and rewarding high achievers, via immersion in the landscapes of the Southern Lakes, Fiordland region, and Mt Aspiring.


Itineraries interweave inspirational experiences, adrenalin-fuelled adventure and a shared communion with breath taking surroundings, combined with Gourmet meals showcasing New Zealand’s finest cuisines.


They are highly customizable according to group size and objective, from helicopter accessed wilderness adventures for small groups of 6 -18 through to motivational team building and “wow” dining in gorgeous Nordic tipis at an exclusive river side property for groups of up to 150.


Create incentives for your team

Immerse delegates in environments of unparalleled beauty. Engage your team in meaningful and achievable activities. Reward with indulgence as they reflect on the day. Watch their enthusiasm and motivation flourish back home. 


Our tailor-made itineraries include a menu of endorphin-releasing adventure activities that coax the personal best out of each participant, by engaging them viscerally with nature. 

Rafting on wilderness rivers; stand up paddle boarding on alpine tarns; glacier hiking with ice axe and crampons: our team finely calibrates the level of challenge for each selected activity in your itinerary, inviting yours to rise to it. 


  • Experiences for groups of 4 – 150

  • Available as half day/ full day getaways, with options for overnight glamping.

  • Hosted from hotel pick up to drop off by a dedicated NewZeal facilitator.

  • Packed with a menu of activities and inspirational challenges tailored to be exhilarating, yet achievable.



Whether your enquiry is direct or you’re an agent gathering info for clients, we’d love to hear from you. 

NewZeal Teams

Want to develop leadership skills and grow your team?
NewZeal Teams craft game-changing challenges, adrenaline-packed adventures and better-shared corporate experiences. We know that once individuals discover their own strengths (and limits), they can better appreciate and use the strengths of those around them. Click the logo below for more info.

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