NewZeal® founder and official Head of Enthusiasm is Paul Nicholson: motivational speaker, instructor, facilitator, guide, and South Island travel guru.

Paul’s inspirational energy shines through every NewZeal® experience, whether he’s leading in person or darting around behind the scenes.

His happy place is in supporting every individual to strive for their personal and professional best, a theme echoed throughout his action-packed career.

When he’s not packing in action at NewZeal®, Paul harnesses his Adventure Philosophy to captivate large audiences with keynote speeches, inspire teams on immersive workshops, and motivate young people to manifest their best selves.

"I’m incredibly lucky to work with outstanding, strong South Islanders who have a genuine zest for life they’re eager to share. Not only are they accomplished and capable, they’re genuine and compassionate.  The vibrant and positive collaboration of these individuals is at the heart of every NewZeal® adventure." - Paul Nicholson

Paul Nicholson

Paul is a roll-your-sleeves-up-and-get-involved kind of guy.


He's in his element when helping people to scale towering mountains, while empowering them to overcome the obstacles of their minds.

Bob Mclachlan

Bob McLachlan has spent his lifetime outdoors – guiding, exploring, and competing in various water sports at international level. In recent years, he has channeled that experience into adventure racing around the globe and is a new member of Team Seagate, the world’s leading adventure racing squad.

Dan Cullen

Daniel Cullen has had a love of the great outdoors since his childhood adventures on the family farm in Southland, New Zealand. He is passionate about experiential and adventure education and leadership, and focused on helping others gain the greatest possible benefits from time spent in nature.

Mike Kempt

Michael Kempt has ventured enthusiastically into New Zealand’s great outdoors for over 20 years. He loves inspiring others to explore all that the pristine backcountry has to offer and to challenge themselves in the process.

Braden Currie

Braden is Australasia’s most successful endurance athlete, holding national titles in Olympic distance, Long distance, off-road and Ultra Distance Triathlon. He is also the record holder for many of New Zealand’s most acclaimed trail runs and 3 times World Multisport Champion.

Joel Bouzaid

Joel has been actively contributing to the personal development industry for over 12 years and has facilitated leadership, team, and personal development programmes to tens of thousands of participants in New Zealand, Australia, and Italy.

Pete Simpson 

Pete is a Scotsman who's lived in Wanaka for 16 years. He first came to New Zealand in 1994 to kayak and enjoy New Zealand wilderness. After 10 years of working internationally as a professional kayaker, paddling remote and often unchartered class 5 white water, he chose to return to New Zealand and raise a family. 

Kate Nicholson

Kate is Paul's younger sister, in charge of Sales and Marketing, as well as strengthening relationships with key partners.

Kate has been involved in travel and finance for a number of years. She’s all about giving customers the highest level of service.